Using the site to criticize Trump got me a nasty letter from his lawyer.

One thousand, 2 hundred and seventy-two greenbacks. That’s how much cash I spent to learn precisely how Donald J. Trump does trade.

In August 2012, I purchased the domain name Trump.Org for $1,272 in an internet public auction. I had heard rumors that Trump was once because strolling for president one day. When I came throughout the auction, I inspiration it would be a quality platform for me to position a message in the market. To place it with courtesy, I was once not a fan. Repeatedly, he had flipped his position on key subject matters. What he says at present no longer is also the place he stands day after today. His questionable trade practices had been a field of stories over the years. However primary, I idea Donald Trump was once a self-serving man. He had no expertise striking others earlier than himself. It’s continuously about him. That wasn’t what I wanted in a advantage president, and that i mentioned so in text I posted on Trump.Org.

Not up to a week later, I had a FedEx overnight courier bundle in my arms. It contained a letter that started out, “i am writing to you on behalf of Donald J. Trump, the famous businessman, real estate developer, and megastar of the tv exhibit The Apprentice.”

the bright gold letterhead on the letter learn “TRUMP: The Trump institution” — certainly, this was a man who was proud of his name. I was surprised Trump and his manufacturer didn’t own this domain already. He owns hundreds of domains — the majority of them, like DonaldTrumpSucks.Com, mostly purchased now not so that he could use them, however instead so someone else couldn’t. Buying Trump.Org would have made experience for him, too, however neither he nor his employees or attorneys participated in the public sale and gained. I had.

One in every of Trump’s attorneys, Alexis Robinson, advised me within the letter that I used to be unauthorized to use this domain identify and that I illegally registered the domain. “Your unauthorized use of such domain name constitutes willful trademark infringement and cyber piracy,” she wrote. She claimed I was responsible to pay Trump $one hundred,000 for purchasing the domain. “Mr. Trump considers this to be a very serious subject and has licensed our authorized group to take all integral and appropriate moves to bring an immediate halt to your blatant and unauthorized use of his trademark,” Robinson wrote. “within the curiosity of keeping off what will surely be a high priced litigation procedure for you, we’re prepared to offer you the one-time opportunity to rectify this topic.” All I needed to do to hinder being sued used to be instantly switch the area I had just paid $1,272 for to Trump, without cost.
Rather of purchasing the area at the public public sale like anyone with a little bit foresight and usual experience would do, Trump waited unless I bought it, then tried to threaten and bully me to get the area without spending a dime. That is precisely the form of guy that I used to be hoping to warn the usa about.

The authorized threats have been empty, when you consider that I never meant to use the website online to profit from Trump’s name. Alternatively, my use of the area was once for a noncommercial opinionated “gripe website online” about Trump. There’s legal precedent in want of gripe-website owners over trademark holders. After John Berryhill, the legal professional I hired, despatched a sharply worded letter again in reply, Trump and his legal crew went away and in no way afflicted me once more. (Trump representatives did not reply to a request from The Washington put up for comment on the area title.)
I’m definite they knew the law, as good, but that didn’t discontinue them from looking to strong-arm me into handing the domain over to them. When faced with public criticism, Trump resorted to lies, threats, intimidation and the chance of legal action. He has executed the identical factor for the duration of this crusade.

Lower than a year later, the area identify Trump.Television went up for sale through public public sale, too. I also purchased that area, this time for most effective $251, and redirected it to point to Trump.Org. I assume Trump and his team fell asleep on the job once more.

Some people might have balked at paying greater than $1,500 for two domains, but I used to be capable to arrive folks three hundred and sixty five days a yr for 4 years — which works out to about $1 a day.

I’ve had an anti-Trump message up on the domain on the grounds that 2012. If Trump loses the election subsequent week, I plan to position the outcome up on the website online and depart them there for years yet to come as a reminder. If he wins, I’ll report every damaged crusade promise, monitor each unsafe motion and display each single reason we will have to never reelect him if that point comes. Being our president requires honor, selfless dedication and morality. These are qualities that Trump has shown us time and time again he does not possess.

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