Trump Removes Steve Bannon From National Security Council, And Other Trump News From Today

President Trump Removes Steve Bannon From National Security Council

  • President Trump has rolled back his chief strategist’s role in his primary forum for issues of national security. According to a filing, Trump removed Steve Bannon from the national security council and downgraded Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossart. The move comes after Trump’s recent appointment of H.R. McMaster to National Security Adviser — head of the NSC.

Head Of Homeland Security Nixes Possibility Of Complete Border Wall

  • President Trump’s wall is falling apart before even being built. Today, head of Homeland Security John Kelly told senators that “it’s unlikely that we will build wall or physical barrier from sea to shining sea…we’re not going to build a wall where it doesn’t make sense.” The statement directly contradicts President Trump’s central campaign promise of building a new border wall that will span the entire US-Mexico border.

Gorsuch Accused Of Plagiarism Ahead Of Confirmation Vote

  • One of the most respected judges in the country is being taught a lesson in confirmation politics today. Tuesday night, just days before Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation vote, Politicopublished a report accusing the highly regarded nominee of plagiarizing portions of his book and a section of a journal article. The White House portrayed the report as part of a smear campaign, but six experts on plagiarism that Politico consulted validated the publications concerns.

President Trump Set To Put More Pressure On North Korea Via China

  • It appears as if North Korea’s cries for attention are working. The same day that notorious dictatorship launched yet another projectile into the ocean, President Trump told officials at a briefing: “The clock has now run out and all options are on the table for us.” At a briefing leading up to his meetings with Chinese leaders, President Trump signaled that he will make combating North Korea’s military power a priority — coming face-to-face with the country that many see as enabling North Korea.

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