There is a consensus between the civilian and military leadership that whoever leaked the ‘false story’ of a high-level meeting should be exposed… Ch.Nisar

Nisar said that on the premise of introductory test he can say that there is no record in the matter of who released the story. Nisar said Pervez Rashid did not make any endeavor to prevent news story from being distributed.

“Pervez Rashid ought to have told the columnist worried that the news is erroneous and this ought not be distributed in the national intrigue… and upon resistance he could have asked, Zafar Abbas (the supervisor of the daily paper), not to run the story,” Nisar said.

While invalidating the occasions cited in the story distributed in neighborhood day by day he said the report that a debate happened between the Punjab boss pastor and the ISI boss on ‘non-express on-screen characters’ was completely unmerited.

“There has dependably been an accord between the common military authorities on non-state performing artists,” he said.

Nisar said the choice to expel the data serve from his seat was gone up against the discoveries of starting examination in the matter and the armed force was taken into certainty before reporting it openly.

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