Russia moves to remove 35 US negotiators

MOSCOW: Russia’s outside service has asked for President Vladimir Putin turf out 35 American negotiators from the nation in a blow for blow reaction to a comparable move by Washington over hacking affirmations, Moscow’s top representative said Friday.

“Russia’s outside service… has asked for that the Russian president endorse proclaiming as personae non gratae 31 representatives of the US international safe haven in Moscow and four ambassadors from the US office in Saint Petersburg,” Lavrov said in broadcast remarks.

The service is likewise trying to restriction ambassadors from utilizing an occasion home situated as a part of western Moscow and a distribution center in the north of the city, Lavrov said, after President Barack Obama said the US would close two Russian mixes.

Lavrov said the two Russian nation houses in New York and Maryland were utilized for youngsters’ occasions and mocked the idea they were “homes of spies.”

“We obviously can’t leave these tricks unanswered. Correspondence is the law in strategy and universal relations,” he said, trusting that Putin favors the solicitations “immediately.”

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