Rishi Kapoor requested the IPL to “consider Pakistani players” before kick-off

The Indian Premiere League 2017 kicked off on April 5 and there were no Pakistani players in sight. Surprise? Not so much.

Rishi Kapoor, known for his blatant honesty on social media, tweeted a night before the IPL T20 launch asking the cricket league to consider signing Pakistani cricketers on board.

He wrote: “IPL. You got world players. Afghanistan makes debut. My plea is please consider Pakistani players. Phir match hoga! Hum bade log hain. Please!”

This isn’t the first time the Kapoor & Sons actor has spoken up about diffusing tensions between Pakistan and India..

During the recent Pak-India cold war, Rishi expressed concern at the sour relations between the two countries and said, “Sometimes some skirmish happens in the border and your whole thinking goes wrong. Sometimes you shake hands and say go ahead. You’re confusing your country, people.”

Looks like Rishi’s call for tolerance has fallen on deaf ears again.

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