Punjab govt’s 101 vehicles “vanish”

In a startling disclosure, it was uncovered that 101 vehicles of Punjab government disappeared in most recent eight years. Lost vehicles acquired an expected loss of Rs200 million to the common exchequer, media gave an account of Wednesday.

Following eight years of test and Rs15 a great many consumptions, Punjab Police just prevailing with regards to following two vehicles. Boss Secretary was totally disillusioned with these achievements.

As indicated by test completed by media, it was realized that as opposed to making a move against powers concerned, Punjab government grants them with new vehicles.

Two vehicles of CM Secretariat, two vehicles of Home Ministry, one vehicle of Zakat and Ushr Department, three vehicles of Housing Department, fifteen vehicles of S&GAD Department are among rundown of missing vehicles.

At the point when test was further amplified, it was realized that vehicle of CM Secretariat conveying number plate LOV 1602 was stolen on June 7, 2010. On April 8, 2011 another vehicle of same division with number plate LRM 9881 continued missing.

Home service lost its vehicle with number plate LOW 7104 on April 7 2014.

Also Punjab fund division was denied of its vehicles with number plates LOS 8908, LZM 4866 and LWK 7704 on September 28, 2009, June 9 and December 13, 2011 individually.

It was likewise archived that few vehicles of S&GAD were lost in years 2014 and 2015.

All previously mentioned lost vehicles are yet to be followed.

In spite of IG Punjab firm affirmation to CM Shehbaz Sharif and Chief Secretary, Punjab police has done nothing separated from printed material.

Home Ministry, when reached by media, told that law requirement offices are working proficiently to follow missing vehicles.

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