PUBLISHED ABOUT 4 HOURS AGO You can’t judge someone’s capabilities based on the language they know, shares Saba Qamar

At first, all we knew about Saba Qamar’s Bollywood debut film, Hindi Medium was that “it was a little like Piku”.

Now that the trailer is out, we know it tackles issues of elitism in schools.

In an interview with Dawn News, the actress shed some more light on her upcoming film and opened up about classism in society and the industry.

“It’s a very different topic yet very relatable; people will be able to connect to the story. It’s every household’s story in a way. Every home has kids, those kids need to get an education and have to learn certain languages.”

“We have even more issues; we need to know Arabic to read the Holy Quran, we need to know Urdu to converse in society but for a good job, we also need to know English… So we’re quite the jack of all trades, don’t you think?”

Qamar also agrees that this elitism also spills into the entertainment industry.

“English is very important of course because it’s an international language but to think that if they don’t know English that person is completely useless is wrong. You can’t and shouldn’t judge someone’s capabilities based on the language they know.”

Talking about her experience shooting the movie while Pak-India tensions were on the rise, Saba reveals that her time across the border did not reflect any of that.

“It was wonderful; they treated me with respect and love and the overall experience, whether it’s shooting with team or working in Bollywood, was great. I faced no such issues.”

“I respect everyone’s views and political opinions but I feel like those shouldn’t affect the entertainment industry. Art shouldn’t have boundaries.”

She adds that it was a pleasure to work with her co-star, Irrfan Khan.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of his work. He’s very down to earth and humble, a very comfortable co-star. He’s a big superstar obviously but he never behaved like one, at least not with me. Maybe I’m blessed.”

The Lahore Se Aagey leading lady also revealed that she has a biopic drama in the works but remained mum about the details.

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