Pakistan Navy warships direct activities with Sri Lankan Navy amid port visit

Two warships from the Pakistan Navy (PN), PNS Nasr and PNS Saif, made a port visit to Sri Lanka’s Colombo port amid their abroad sending to South East Asian nations, said an announcement by the Pakistan Navy.

The PN flotilla led practices with Sri Lankan warships in the Indian Ocean for improving interoperability and operational coordination between the two naval forces, included the announcement.

The boats were gotten by Sri Lankan Navy’s Commander Operations and the guard attaché of Pakistan to Sri Lanka. An expansive number of Sri Lankan naval force officers were additionally present on the event.

The mission authority and the bosses of the PN delivers additionally met the Chief of Staff Sri Lankan Navy Admiral SS Ranasinghe.

Ranasinghe as of late went to Pakistan to witness the multinational maritime exercise Aman 17 which was facilitated by the PN.

“It is normal that current visit by PN Ships to Sri Lanka will additionally reinforce reciprocal relations and maritime joint effort between both the naval forces,” said the naval force’s announcement.

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