Pakistan is Most Affordable Country for Telecom and Internet Services in the World: Report

Pakistan has been ranked as most inexpensive market in the world for ICT offerings, famous international know-how technology record 2016, released by means of word financial discussion board.

“Pakistan is the market with the lowest cost elements”, noted the file that measured community readiness index of 139 global markets.

Document mentioned that while these affordability indicators are measured in phrases of costs related to the utilization of ICT provider and the costs that poses the entry barrier for the masses, they aren’t whatsoever related to quality adjusted prices.

Here are different rankings for Pakistan for various symptoms in “network Readiness Index”

Over All network Readiness Index
2016 ranking: a hundred and ten
2015 ranking: 112
Political and Regulatory atmosphere: 128
industry and Innovation environment: ninety eight
Infrastructure: 126
Affordability: 1
capabilities: 127
man or woman usage: 123
trade utilization: a hundred and one
government utilization: 103
monetary impacts: one hundred and five
Social affects: 106
at the same time Pakistan’s overall rank increased via 2 facets for “community Readiness Index”, clearly it’s lacking behind in close to all indicators rather then affordability, the place it ranked at high.

Pakistan is ranked dangerously low for “Political and Regulatory atmosphere”, “talents” and “Infrastructure”. Person usage of ICT offerings can be low the place Pakistan was ranked at 123rd position globally.

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