Noor Bukhari files for ‘khula’ from husband Wali Hamid

Ishq Positive director/actor Noor Bukhari has filed for khula (dissolution of marriage) from her husband Wali Hamid.

In a Facebook post, the actor shared news of her divorce with her fans:

Wali Hamid and Noor Bukhari tied the knot in 2015. Wali is the son of renowned classical singer Hamid Ali Khan. Also a vocalist, Wali starred in and sung for Noor’s directorial debut Ishq Positive. But their partnership turned out to be short-lived.

After announcing news of her divorce on social media, the star tweeted that she has no plans of being in a relationship as of now.

Noor’s first husband was Dubai-based businessman Vikram, they got married in 2008, but called it quits in 2010. The same year the actor married director Farooq Mengal; however, their union only lasted four months. In 2012, she married Aun Chaudhry, but they parted ways a few months later.

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