Major Muhammad Akram Shaheed

Major Muhammad Akram (Urdu: محمد اکرم; c. 1938–1971), was a Pakistan Army officer who was after death granted Pakistan military’s most elevated improvement, the Nishan-e-Haider, for his activities amid the 1971 Indo-Pak War. Akram was sent on a few missions in the India-Pakistan War, and was murdered in 1971 at the Battle of Hilli.

Akram was the overcome child from the place where there is Martyrs District of Jhelum. Ethnically, he had a place with the Awan cast of Pakistan. In 1959, Akram was acknowledged by the Pakistan Military Academy and in the long run graduated in 1963. He picked up a commission in 1963 as a component of the fourth Frontier Force Regiment. Akram partook in 1965 Indo-Pak September War as a Captain where he drove a few fruitful military operations against the Indian Army. While positioned in Lahore, Akram ordered a little organization which drove a few unequivocal operations against the Indian Armed Forces.

In 1969, Akram was elevated to Major of the Pakistan Army.[citation needed] In 1971, Akram battled in the war against India. In the Battle of Hilli, his initiative, boldness and skilful strategising kept adversaries under control for five days and evenings, bringing about a definitive give up (his passing). Major Akram was after death granted the Nishan-e-Haider, Pakistan’s most noteworthy military respect, for his chivalrous endeavors.

Amid the east Pakistan War of 1971, the fourth FF Regiment, which around then was charged by then Col. Muhammad Mumtaz Malik, was set in the forward territory of the Hilli Municipality (under Hakimpur Upozila, Dinajpur District), in what was then East Pakistan.[citation needed] The regiment went under persistent and overwhelming air, big guns and shield assaults from the Indian Army. In spite of foe predominance in both numbers and capability, Akram and his men shocked many assaults, dispensing overwhelming setbacks on the adversary. Called the saint of Hilli,[citation needed] Major Muhammad Akram (N.H) was covered in the town of Boaldar, Thana/Upozila-Hakimpur (Banglahilly), District-Dinajpur. There is a landmark, Major Akram Shaheed Memorial, amidst Jhelum city. Anjum Sultan Shahbaz, the popular author and antiquarian, has alluded to Akram in his books Tareekh-e-Jhelum and Shohdai Jhelum.

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