Kendall Jenner sparks outrage in new Pepsi ad

Seems like brands will go to any lengths to grab attention, even if it puts them in the wrong light.

Pepsi’s latest commercial featuring fashion model Kendall Jenner has become the talk of town since its release Tuesday night.

The ad shows protests taking place on the streets, while Kendall Jenner poses for a photoshoot. Compelled to join the resistance, she walks out of the photoshoot mid-way, tosses her blonde wig to the side, wipes the lipstick off her lips, grabs a Pepsi and heads straight for the cops standing ready to discipline the crowd.

A bit much to take in? Yeah. But the ad doesn’t end here.

Kendall Jenner stands in front of the policemen (highly reminiscent of Iesha Evans’ photo during the Black Lives Matter protest last year) and hands the Pepsi to one officer with a charming smile. The police officer accepts it and breaks into a smile. The crowd cheers and Kendall joins the gathering.

Apparently, handing a fizzy drink to police officials during protests can help solve social and political issues and rid people of their prejudices.

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