‘India financing terrorism in Pakistan’

ISLAMABAD:overseas office (FO) Spokesman NafeesZakaria said on Thursday that India has been concerned in financing terrorism that targetsthe China-Pakistan fiscal corridor (CPEC) mission.

Zakaria said that India’s unprovoked firing and shelling on the line of manage (LoC) and the Working Boundary to divert awareness from the human rights violations in Indian-held Kashmir (IHK).

No longer most effective that, he further mentioned, New Delhi has been busy after the additional-judicial killing of a younger Kashmiri chief, BurhanMuzaffarWani, on July eight with the next blatant human rights violations – where at least 150 humans were killed, 1000s visually impaired, over sixteen,000 wounded and at the least 7,000 arrested.

The spokesperson maintained that the Indian forces had violated the LoC and working boundary as a minimum 300 times – in 2016only.

“India breached the ceasefire agreement of 2003 and has targetedthe nearby population – which killed at least 44 civilians and injured over a hundred thirty five along the LoC –but Pakistan, on the contrary, resorted to no such factor,” Zakaria said.

Pakistan’s director normal of military operations (DGMO) had contacted his Indian counterpart over on Wednesday and protested over the focusing on of civilian populace alongside the LoCby announcing that ‘it was no longer ideal and deplorable’before demandinga stop to it.

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