Hijab for collage young ladies: PTI MPA’s ‘administrative slip-up’ makes disarray in PA

LAHORE: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MPA took a very late U-turn on the proposition to make Hijab required for all school young ladies on Wednesday.

The improvement comes a day after Punjab government dismisses the reports that it is thinking about a proposition to make hijab compulsory for school young ladies.

MPA Nabila Hakim Ali Khan had presented a proposition in the Punjab Assembly to make hijab mandatory for all young ladies in private and government schools and young ladies watching hijab be given additional imprints.

After a hour, the MPA backpedaled on her pledge and presented another determination expressing that hijab ought not be made compulsory and young ladies with hijab not be given additional imprints.

Talking on the issues, Khan said that she made an ‘administrative oversight’ and neglected to include “not” in the primary proposition.

In any case, looking at the content of the two bills demonstrates that it was not an error. It is conjectured that the MPA changed the proposition after weight from other PTI pioneers.

The issue of making hijab required for school going young ladies in Punjab came into spotlight when Punjab Higher Education Minister Syed Raza Gillani proposed on Tuesday that school young ladies wearing hijab are given five for each penny participation unwinding.

“We need to give an impetus to the young ladies for wearing hijab,” said the pastor amid a meeting of the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education in Lahore, including that the measure was gone for advancing hijab-culture in Punjab.

Subsequent to getting a ton of reaction from the general population, a representative for the common government said that no such choice has been taken.”

“This is completely wrong news … No such strategy declared by Government of the Punjab,” said the representative.

Elucidating his position, Gillani commented, “My announcement was distorted. No choice was taken in such manner and it is just a proposition.”

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