Hadiqa Kiani impacts bits of gossip about medication bust in London

Only two days after Hadiqa Kiani performed at the Mystic Music Festival in Lahore, the pop vocalist was named in an outside distribution as having been captured in London for pirating cocaine.

As per a site called Metro UK, Kiani was captured at London’s Heathrow Airport for attempting to pirate two kilograms of cocaine. The report expressed that she was given over to Port Authority police and was anticipating arraignment by the London District Attorney. The cocaine was accounted for to be found in two espresso packs covered up in two separate bags and its esteem was accounted for to be 80,000 pounds.

Hadiqa Kiani, who in reality is in Lahore, has denied the bits of gossip and impacted them as “fake and pernicious”.

In a Facebook post, she transferred a photograph of her with family in Lahore and communicated her stun at the unreliability of news media outlets .

She stated, “I am not in London nor do I have arrangements to go to London. Also, I set out any of you to connect drugs with my name…I am so nauseated right at this point! Simply sickened by this FAKE NEWS of me spreading on the web by alleged built up news medias. Simply stunned. #DoYourHomework!”

In a meeting with ARY News, Hadiqa said that she at first ignored the gossipy tidbits, yet was concerned when she began getting “genuine telephone calls” from columnists and others. She said that she was making the most of her nephew’s birthday gathering and going through Valentine’s Day with her family in Lahore today. She passed on her mistake that some nearby productions ran the gossipy tidbits without checking it.

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