FIR abused journalist

Karachi police in Karachi on Friday outside the office of the National Database Registration Authority (NADRA). Channel 21 women have registered two FIRs incident of abuse to come forward with journalists.

According to an FIR has been lodged by the host 21 channel IR and national authorities.

According to NADRA Karachi assistant to the other team, including director of the Office of the forced registration nyazhsyn Awan 21 programs that have been accused by the “Voice of Karachi, host Saima Kanwal and interference karsrkar was committed.

In addition, he has sursrabh in the vicinity of government offices, harassed staff and misbehaved with the guards there and pulled his uniform.

On the other side of the channel 21 in Karachi’s’ host Saima Kanwal frntyyrkanstyblry soldiers in the national office that is applied to the police who manhandled him and his team, tried to snatch his camera , to try to prevent them from paying their journalistic responsibilities and tortured, slapped and attacked them too.

Police have started the process of the FIR on the application of the Code of Police SSP District Central Karachi Haider told the BBC.

He said that the request of the police and FC personnel mz Korah as soon as it is approved the arrest by the police guard.

The national spokesman regarding excels Ali Chachar BBC told him about the national party of the whole incident took place in the premises of the NADRA office, but will the final report of the Interior Ministry in this regard and the interior Ministry will present a statement on the matter.

FC sources said that in Karachi This is a very unfortunate incident and the police were investigating Lance Naik include suspending Hassan is now being handed over to police.

The FC they want to be treated a bit of both sides and will not consider any social status.

FC sources said the FC soldiers belong to tribal and touch someone like that in practice there is considered very serious insult. They say that the troops if Urdu could not speak properly and journalists must understand that this soldier should not support such education and avoiding complications from a background and officials in any case the should refer.

According to FC sources was only a week ago, the face of his staff that the workers of political parties according to the number of applications for registration were two FC personnel deployed at Karachi nine national centers for registration.

According to NADRA FC soldiers were clear warnings will be asked not to take public outreach.

Saima Kanwal noted that a program of 21 local channel Ban Karachi’s’ table. About Saima Kanwal B told the BBC that his program is based on the everyday problems of the people and they have been for some time received complaints about the behavior of the national security office.

He said that when they arrived NADRA Assistant Director Niaz Hussain Awan refused to even talk to them, after which they presented the hog was trying to talk to people standing in the queue they tried to snatch a camera from the main camera.

Meanwhile, there exists FC guard who was trying to kill him hit without any response.

Saima says he completed the recording of the program despite this.

Remember, it’s all about giving women were seen slapping, beating hosts FC according to

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