Dubai police to collaborate with PITB on technology-based police reforms

Dubai Metropolitan Police has expressed interest in Punjab Information Technology Board’s (PITB) crime mapping and integrated criminal records office systems, which have modus operandi-based search capabilities and an automated human resource management system that offers complete electronic records of profiles and posting histories of individual officers.

Representatives of the Dubai police showed interest in such technology-based police reforms during a series of meetings with a three-member team of the PITB in United Arab Emirates (UAE). The meetings concluded on Thursday.

PITB Information Technology (IT) Director General Faisal Yousaf, IT General Manager Burhan Rasool and Software Engineering Director Adil Iqbal represented the PITB team.

The visit was initiated by the first secretary of the Embassy of the UAE who contacted PITB Chairman Dr Umar Saif to discuss avenues for collaboration.

The PITB team met the Dubai police chief and heads of forensics, cybercrime, criminal investigation and crime monitoring departments.

They were also given a tour of the Al Muraqqabat police station, where one building housed all departments related to law and order, such as prosecution and courts, where petty crimes are disposed of within 24 to 48 hours.

PITB Information Technology General Manager Burhan Rasool said, “Dubai police are impressed by the speed of our software development and deployment and are looking to partner with us on the development front.”

He said the Pakistani team was also offered a look into policing mechanisms in Dubai. “They are very inclusive in their policing,” says Rasool. “They believe in community policing and engage communities to reduce and control crime and maintain law and order.”

The Pakistani contingent was shown a mobile application developed by the Dubai police which allows citizens to interact with the police directly.

The system acts as an electronic police station for reporting suspicious activities and as a portal for information as well.

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