Deepika concedes really liking Vin Diesel

BURBANK: Bollywood whiz and XXX: Return of Xander Cage performer Deepika Padukone conceded that she really liked her co-star Vin Diesel when she showed up on the eminent Ellen Degeneres Show, on Wednesday.

Just big names of note make it to Ellen Degeneres’ love seat and Deepika Padukone does that. After her part as huntress Serena Unger in XXX: The Return of Xander Cage got the attention of fans the world over, the performer transformed into a worldwide star overnight. Amid her appearance at a scene of the Ellen Degeneres appear, the Padmavati on-screen character conceded she really liked Vin Diesel, with whom she stars in the film.

“There is a sentiment going on, that is the thing that you would get from that also… Take a gander at that face! Does that mean there is?” asked Ellen to which the on-screen character reacted:-

“All things considered, there is no smoke without flame! Yet, it’s all in my mind! So definitely, I mean in my mind I think, as better believe it, we are as one and we have this stunning science, and we live respectively and we have these astounding children! In any case, it’s all in my mind,” spouted Padukone.

Deepika reviewed how she didn’t know whether she was thrown for the part of Serena Unger or not till the end. It was when Vin Diesel transferred a picture of the two close to a publication of XXX:The Return of Xander Cage that she became acquainted with that she had been thrown for the part.

“He simply put it up and I stated, I trust you realize that in the event that you set up that implies I’m doing this motion picture. Despite everything he didn’t state anything. He simply put it up,” she said.

The scene will be appeared in the USA on Wednesday and in India on Thursday.

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