Barcelona at end of a period after PSG crush, says Guillem Balague

Having been beaten 4-0 by Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League on Tuesday, Sky Sports Spanish football master Guillem Balague ponders the issues at Barcelona, the future for head mentor Luis Enrique, and who may supplant him in the late spring…

This has been around an amassing of issues at Barcelona.

Firstly, Luis Enrique has made the midfield – which was enter in the effective years of the group – immaterial. I don’t comprehend why he took weight off the midfield and didn’t generally offset the capability of controlling diversions with the force of the front three.

Sensibly he needed to make space before the front three so he’s continually going for speedy moves, however that has implied Sergio Busquets and Andres Iniesta feel somewhat outsider to whatever is left of the group.

It used to be about control and passing, however now they depend such a great amount on the front three – which is intelligent in a way since they are so great – that they need to take care of business the ball to them as quick as could be allowed.

At the point when that happens the midfield is totally superfluous so the impact of Busquets and Iniesta on the ball vanishes, and without the ball they get totally beaten as they were by PSG.

On the off chance that you are forceful to them when they have the ball, and on the off chance that you assault them with pace when they lose the ball, then you have a group that endures.

They can’t shield appropriately like a typical group simply utilizing the back four, they have to guard in advance, and despite the fact that the front three are great with the ball, without it they don’t do what’s necessary work. When they need to control the diversion not everyone is on a similar wavelength.

Additionally, the new signings haven’t done much, except for Samuel Umtiti maybe, and they depend increasingly on the front three, particularly Lionel Messi. As we saw yesterday, if a side puts weight on Barca’s development the ball doesn’t get to the front three neatly which crushes the odds of them doing harm.

You could see this was not going to be a decent night for Barcelona when, in the primary half, Messi touched the ball just 17 times. The ball did not get to him. There was likewise an absence of power, with and without the ball, and they couldn’t beat the high weight.

Unai Emery knew Barcelona extremely well from his time in Spain and put Julian Draxler and Angel Di Maria behind Busquets and between the lines. There was no strategic development from Luis Enrique in the principal half to beat that, so they went in at half-time 2-0 down. There was a response in the second half yet by then it was past the point of no return in light of the fact that the element of the diversion had left from Barcelona.

Busquets said toward the finish of the amusement that they were beaten strategically. At the point when Luis Enrique heard that he said he didn’t comprehend what really matters to him and had a go at one of the columnists in one of the post-amusement interviews.

He has this thought a considerable measure of what is going on is down to writers and I don’t comprehend why, since I think he ought to look to himself and a portion of the choices he has been taking.

The element has been continuing for some time and it has been helpful to win everything not very far in the past, yet you could see the quintessence of Barcelona was vanishing and they have been depending increasingly on people, as we have been detailing in Revista de la Liga for a year.

For me it’s the finish of a time and I think Enrique feels the same. There a considerable measure of things that recommend Barcelona have lost their direction and it proposes Enrique has lost the certainty of some of his players and his message is not breaking through to them.

It occurs following a few years that cycles wrap up. I have the impression he feels his cycle is completing and that is the reason he is abandoning it until April to choose on the off chance that he will proceed or not. Barcelona have a choice to make.

I know they have made it to the container last, however in the event that they neglect to win the class, rather than sitting tight for Enrique to choose in the event that he needs to proceed or not, they may make a move and choose it’s not worth restoring his agreement.

Barcelona have said to Enrique they will restore his agreement on the off chance that he needs, however that has the possibility to be changed. I feel Barcelona require another drive and it will enthusiasm to perceive what course they take it.

I know individuals are situating to be in the employment next season. Enrique’s aide, Juan Carlos Unzue, is situating himself, so is Sevilla head mentor Jorge Sampaoli, and there are different names in the condition.

I have the impression Mauricio Pochettino is respected in Barcelona and will have a major choice to make in the late spring, since he will need Spurs to proceed with his movement. On the off chance that he gets that there is most likely he will stay, yet he has chiefs at Barca that respect him and he has been on the rundown for some time.

I am not astonished, despite the fact that he is firmly connected to Espanyol and moving to Barcelona may be troublesome, on the grounds that he has the quality, style and theory to succeed.

Ronald Koeman has said himself he hasn’t got a call yet. He is making a decent showing with regards to with Everton and has been named in waitlists previously, yet I don’t know whether he will be presently, and Barcelona should do choose before going for another head mentor what football they need to put practically speaking.

On the off chance that it’s the sort of football that we have seen at Sevilla they would have in Sampaoli some individual who is more than willing to come to Barcelona, with Juanma Lillo his partner already near Pep Guardiola and a safeguard of that style of football. It appears a more coherent choice yet they would need to get them out of Sevilla.

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