Bakhtawar, Aseefa disappointed with Marwat joining PPP

KARACHI: Bakhtawar and Aseefa Bhutto Zardari, little girls of previous president and Pakistan People’s Party co-executive Asif Ali Zardari, Saturday communicated extraordinary dismay over Irfanullah Marwat joining the PPP crease.

Beforehand partnered with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz pioneer and previous Sindh Assembly part, Irfanullah Marwat had joined the PPP on Friday. He was viewed as a staunch commentator and adversary of the People’s Party, until the minute he went along with it.

Marwat’s connection with the PPP didn’t run down with numerous PPP supporters and now it has obviously irritated Bakhtawar and Aseefa also.

Bakhtawar took to Twitter on Saturday to reprimand Irfanullah Marwat.

“Debilitated man ought to spoil in a correctional facility cell some place not coming anyplace close #PPP. Party that was driven by a lady won’t endure such ppl,” she wrote in her tweet, alluding to Marwat.

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