AJK teachers warned of declining performance

MUZAFFARABAD:Teachers in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) have been warned to improve their performance or face strict action.

The warning was issued by Education Minister Barrister Iftikhar Gilani while addressing a high-level meeting in Muzaffarabad on Monday.

“I once again want to inform the teachers that if they do not improve their result at the elementary level, stern action would be taken against them,” Gilani said, adding that “Two District Education Officers (DEOs) have been suspended for showing the poor performance so far.”

During the meeting he noted that the government was spending over Rs16billion annually on salaries of government teachers across the valley, however, their performance was not satisfactory. He added that over 15,000 students had appeared as private candidates at the elementary level which he claimed was ample proof of unsatisfactory performance of primary teachers. He also sounded  a warning to officers in the Education Department, noting that those creating hurdles in implementing the National Testing Service (NTS), would be sacked.

“The government is clear on the NTS, while there might be some reservations against NTS, but in AJK we want to use its services to promote merit in hiring and close all holes in the appointment process in the education department at tehsil and district level,” he said.

“It is not easy to break the traditional system of hiring in the region which was influenced by people who did not qualify through the NTS,” Gilani said. The education minister further said that the government intends to hire over 1,200 new teachers to put the education system of the region back on the right track by hiring the most promising and talented candidates without any political affiliation

“The day all government teachers send their children to high-level schools will be the day that will show the real performance of the education department,” Gilani added.

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