Aitzaz ready to oblige PTI over Panama papers case

ISLAMABAD – Leader of the Opposition in the Senate and PPP pioneer Aitzaz Ahsan said on Sunday that he was prepared to oblige Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf over the Panama papers case.

The legislator however affirmed that PTI did not get in touch with him in such manner.

Aitzaz additionally point by point about the letter of Qatari ruler and said that if the Qatari sovereign showed up in the Supreme Court (SC) in the PanamaLeaks case and introduced himself with regards to the leader and his kids, he would need to face extreme inquiries.

He guaranteed that at persent, the letter from Qatar was close to a bit of paper,

Concerning Qatari sovereign’s announcement on executive’s London pads, the lawmaker said that the administration was concocting increasingly new things every day.

“Where did the Qatari ruler originate from? Until the sovereign shows up under the steady gaze of the court, his letter amounts to nothing,” Ahsan said.

“The ruler would not have the capacity to withstand even 10 inquiries in the court,” he included.

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