‘Ahmadi families leaving Dulmial town after swarm brutality’

CHAKWAL: Members of the Ahmadi people group in Chakwal’s Dulmial town have left the town as a result of security concerns, sources said on Wednesday, days after a brutal horde assaulted an Ahmadi place of love.

Two individuals were executed and one harmed in the assault. Among the dead was Malik Khalid Javed, an Ahmadi who was available at the religious site when the assault happened and endured a heart failure. His body was taken to Chenab Nagar, where he was let go.

Various individuals who went to the burial service have not came back to the town yet, and different families have left the town for their own particular wellbeing.

“There are three Ahmadi families living beside my home, yet they cleared out their homes and moved to safe places after the occurrence,” a villager told Dawn.

“Their dairy cattle are tied up in their homes. I masterminded some feed for their cows today and gave them some water; the creatures were tied up, ravenous and parched since Monday,” he said. The villager included that numerous different individuals from the group have additionally left the town, and the few who have remained are monitored in their homes by police, Rangers and military faculty.

An individual from the neighborhood Ahmadi people group likewise told Dawn a few families have moved from the town, however the locale cop (DPO) and the region coordination officer (DCO) have said Ahmadis are remaining in their homes.

Armed force, police and Rangers faculty are still conveyed in the town, where they can be seen watching.

The police have likewise captured 32 individuals required in the assault, two of whom are Ahmadi.

The FIR of the assault incorporates charges from the Anti-Terrorism Act and the Pakistan Penal Code. Held up by Sub-Inspector Mohammad Nawaz, who is likewise the station house officer (SHO) of the Choa Saidan Shah police headquarters, the FIR expresses that he, joined by 20 other police authorities were sent at the Dulmial Rabiul Awwal parade.

The SHO said in the FIR that three men who were driving the parade of 2,800 to 3,000 individuals induced against Ahmadi feeling inside the group. The pioneers of the parade set out to assume control over the Ahmadi place of love, guaranteeing they would claim their mosque from the Ahmadi people group.

“The individuals from the parade, drove by the coordinators, moved towards the place of love by abusing the set [procession] course. The police attempted their best to stop them, however they raged the place of love by breaking the police cordon and started [attacking] the primary door with blocks and clubs.”

The FIR said a few individuals from the swarm climbed the divider and entered the site, and two individuals display at the place of love started terminating. It said 46 individuals fled to their homes utilizing an indirect access. One individual was executed and three harmed in the terminating, and Malik Khalid Javed, who endured a heart failure, was discovered dead by the police.

The horde involved the Ahmadi place of love and started smoldering articles.

The police have named the four parade coordinators and 35 members, including obscure people. Two individuals from the Ahmadi people group have likewise been assigned and, as per sources, have been captured close by 30 others.

DPO Masood Marath told Dawn: “A joint examination group will be set up while we are capturing the suspects.”

DCO Mehmood Javed Bhatti included: “A meeting of the region peace board of trustees was held today in which pioneers of all orders guaranteed the region organization of their total participation.”

“Nobody is exempt from the laws that apply to everyone else. Each suspect will be dealt with similarly as per the law,” he said, including that a larger part couldn’t be permitted to usurp the privileges of a minority.

Distributed in Dawn, December fifteenth, 2016

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