21 times Donald Trump has guaranteed us he regards ladies

At the point when President Trump tweeted to celebrate International Women’s Day early Wednesday, he did as such in his distinctively Trump design — guaranteeing us that he has “gigantic regard for ladies” and the things they do that are so “indispensable to the texture of our general public and our economy.”

On the off chance that that sounds fairly strangely guarded, this is on the grounds that Trump has been compelled to absolute those sorts of words before — ordinarily.

No less than 21 times since the begin of his 2016 crusade, truth be told, has Trump guaranteed us of his regard for ladies. Regularly, those confirmations have come in light of a debate over something he has said or supposedly done.

2. At an Oct. 9, 2016, discuss after the “Get to Hollywood” video was discharged: “I have incredible regard for ladies. No one has more regard for ladies than I do. I’ve said things that, to be perfectly honest, you hear these things I said. Furthermore, I was humiliated by it. However, I have enormous regard for ladies. Also, ladies have regard for me.”

3. After Clinton assaulted his treatment of ladies at an Oct. 19 talk about: “No one has more regard for ladies than I do. No one.”

4. In the wake of ridiculing Carly Fiorina’s appearance in October 2015: “I regard ladies more than I regard men. … I have incredible regard, appreciation, and I esteem ladies.”

5. In light of the Fiorina circumstance on the “Today” appear: “I have enormous regard for ladies, and I will ensure ladies. … [Ivanka Trump] stated, ‘Father, you regard and love ladies to such an extent. Would you be able to discuss it more since individuals don’t generally see how you feel?'”

6. After the Megyn Kelly “blood leaving her wherever” remark: “I appreciate ladies. I need to help ladies. Will get things done for ladies that no other competitor will have the capacity to do.”

7. After Trump assaulted Heidi Cruz by retweeting an unflattering photograph contrasting her with Melania Trump

8. At the point when a young lady recommended he wasn’t a “companion to ladies” at an October 2015 No Labels occasion in New Hampshire: “I regard ladies amazingly. I have had ladies working for me in positions that they have never worked as far as such a variety of various occupations. I had a lady who was responsible for the working of Trump Tower numerous years prior before it was even thought — before anyone would have even considered it and it made a phenomenal showing with regards to. I have given ladies more open door than, I would state for all intents and purposes, anyone in the development business. I have a little girl named Ivanka and a spouse named Melania who continually need me to discuss ladies’ medical problems since they know how I feel about it and they know how I feel about ladies. I regard ladies, I adore ladies, I esteem ladies. You know, Hillary Clinton, stated, he shouldn’t appreciate. Well I stated, I do treasure — I appreciate ladies. My mom was one of the colossal individuals of the world. Possibly the best, ever, my mom. I regard ladies and will deal with ladies. You know, Jeb Bush would not like to reserve ladies’ medical problems. You read that, you saw that. And after that he took it back later. I will deal with ladies, and I have awesome regard for ladies, and I do appreciate ladies, and I will deal with ladies.”

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