Skiers compete in World Snow Day contests at Naltar valley

GILGIT: The world snow day 2020 was celebrated here at the Naltar valley of Gilgit, Baltistan on Sunday which was aimed at promoting winter tourism potential in the region.

The event was jointly organized by Pakistan Airforce (PAF) and Ski Federation of Pakistan. Both male and female skiers participated in the event held at Naltar ski slopes. Children also took part in the competitions including various categories of skiing.

The skiers said these activities would provide them opportunities to play winter games internationally and it would helpful to build good image of the country abroad.

The national winter competitions including skiing, ice hockey, ice skating competitions were held at Naltar recently in which players from across the country participated.

Meanwhile the Ice Hockey Championship season 2 concluded at Altit, Hunza on Sunday. Four boys and two girls teams participated in the competitions.

Hidden Paradise team emerged as champion in the mens events after defeating Vista Hotel. In the women’s teams’ competition, Jill Band defeated Altit SCARF to win the championship.

Sunail Suko was declared player of the season for scoring 12 goals.

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